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The EPS foam core provides shear strength, while the exterior skins of OSB provide tensile and
compressive strength. As compared to an I-beam, the panel skins are analogous to the flanges, while
the core is its web. The completed panels offer the utmost in R-Value, fire resistance, and ease of
construction. They are the key structural component in “one-piece” construction, which is
significantly stronger than similarly configured stick-built structures.
Expanded polystyrene (EPS) has proven to be the most cost-effective panel core insulation material
available. EPS has the highest R-value per dollar invested. Its R-value per inch is much higher than
fiberglass or cellulose insulations. “R” means resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the
greater the insulating power. EPS is also physically stable, unlike fiberglass or cellulose, which tend
to settle with time, creating voids and many thermal breaks. Unlike most insulation products, the R-
value of EPS increases as the temperature drops. EPS is an inert, organic, recyclable material. It
contains no CFS’s, or HFC’s, will not rot, is resistant to mildew, and provides no food value to
animals (including rodents).
Our underwriter’s Lab report shows that our modified (M) Arco EPS (expanded polystyrene)
exhibits a flame spread of 5. The BOCA Code allows 75. EPS exhibited a smoke developed rating of
55 to 175 the BOCA allows 450.
AmeriPanel Home Corp. features structural insulated panels exclusively in their home kit models.
The advantages of using SIPs are many:
Simplifies construction: SIPs integrate structure with insulation. The frame of the home and thermal
envelope are one and the same.
Reduced labor costs: SIPs can be erected by novice crews and do it yourself builders. Each 4 ft by 8
ft panel weighs 125 lbs so no crane is required. Average erection time for exterior wall panels is
usually half a day, for a 3 man crew.
Flexibility: There are fewer restrictions to design and more choices to customize from cabin to castle.
Finishes apply easily: OSB surface provides a sturdy and continuous nail and screw base to which
exterior and interior finishing materials can be attached.
Easily wired: Pre-cut electrical chases have been built into every panel so that the wiring of the outer
walls can be easily done.
Superior strength: Monolithic shell can withstand seismic forces better than stick built.
Comfort: Panel homes are quieter and cleaner: The thick, solid insulation reduces noise and dust
Energy Saver: Heating and air conditioning costs can be reduced more than 50% over the life of the
home. AmeriPanel is a partner in the EPA’s ENERGY STAR© Homes Program. Maximum ratings
are easily achieved.
Quality: SIP walls are straight and flat with no buldging framing members. This is virtually
impossible to achieve with old fashioned stick framing.
Safety: SIPs adhere to all of the requirements of the current APA Plywood Design Specifications and
are in compliance with the following building authorities:
NER# 467 (National Evaluation Report)
Various state and local agencies
VA and FHA Approved
Listed with Federal HUD nationwide
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